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One Love
This land is made of LOVE & PEACE!
Trade Direct
The trading part of - entirely bicoin-funded internet for African schools, communities and individuals.
Independent OpenBazaar Host. Selling decentralised services and other random things. Happy to moderate any transactions.
La Tiendita de Luca
Email Verifier
Coupons for mailing list cleaning with
Anduck's Cryptostore
Anduck @, #bitcoin-otc/Freenode IRC. PM me to verify!\nSelling Casascius physical bitcoins.
Allsources for You at Good Price!
Pepper Palace
All that matters in a peppers world!
China Man Bazaar
International Goods Sales Man
FEE Store
Foundation for Economic Education
Freedom Fridge
3D printed fridge magnets and other cool stuff for freedom lovers.
High Quality Ingress Inventory Shop
Authentic vape equipment and accessories at a fraction of the price you would pay in a local vape store.
3026 Retro Gaming
Sell Games
A bookstore selling selected crypto-currency books by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.\n\nNote: For now, we sell only the paperback and ship only to the US.
Selling Gift Cards for Bitcoin
Walter Gmelch e. K.
Knives Shop! More Awesome Stuff Coming Soon!
Tom Woods Jewelry
I collect rocks, make cabochons and faceted stones, and jewelry. I offer some of my pieces for sale in this OpenBazaar store.
Art Africa
We are a small group of artisans in Africa crafting wooden and other art. Free shipping on some promotional items. Free and fair moderation.
Howdy my fellow Crypto geeks, and welcome to my little space in the Bazaar world. I hope to connect with you soon!
Contemporary Freedom
Pushing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and free trading. OpenBazaar promoter. Art gallery for bitcoin.
Buy cheap tobacco on OpenBazaar!
Soldier Lawyer
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Refur's - Bazaar
A Bit of Art
ABitofArt is the place to buy a little piece of art online using cryptocurrency.
Arne Bolen
English speaking OpenBazaar Moderator.
Welcome to my little slice of this decentralized network.
Open Source Photos
I want to start an Open Source Photography movement. Need a cheap photo for a project? Buy my photo once then do with it what you will no questions asked.\n
Stephen Gornick
Stephen Gornick, Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Enthusiast
Bitcoin Not Bombs
Free The Market, Free The World!
Crypto Collectibles
Blockchains Local Comic Shop
Dignitas Designs
Custom Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Collectibles.
Best Honey on Earth
Best Honey on Earth made with love by French bees.
Premium Kratom from Southeast Asia
TM Digital
The UK's FIRST digital marketing agency on OpenBazaar! Looking forward to connecting and getting involved - why not drop us a message and say hi?
Cascadian Online
An OpenBazaar shop
Selling high-quality hand-made quilts! All designs cut and pieced by hand.\n\nThe best quality quilts on the decentralized internet!
Onur Gozupek
Tour operator, business development manager, web developer
StamfordPark Emporium is a specialist music boutique based in the Rowville-Lysterfield area of Victoria, Australia.