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Tygg's Seedery (@tyggrr)

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Updated 05/10/2016
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Supplying ethnobotanically interesting lifeforms to the interested.<br/><br/>Why buy here and not on amazon/ebay/alibaba? <br/>Maybe you don't want BigData to know what you are growing in your garden? Maybe you like your anonymity? Or maybe you are a bitcoin enthusiast, who sees in a decentralized market the next step after a decentralized currency? <br/>All of these are good reasons to order at OpenBazaar! 

<br/>Please inform yourself about the legality of the genetics itself, its cultivation and its import into your country before you order!<br/>

You will receive a completly neutral bubble wrap envelope. If you wish there also will be no clue on the inside about the nature of the seed. Your address will not be saved outside of OpenBazaar, just printed out one time to address the shipment.<br/> <u><br/></u>

<u>Also, don't seed poisonous stuff where children could get in contact with!</u>