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Asian Chinese Pear Tree - 20 Seeds - Pyrus Pyrfolia

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Pyrus Pyrifolia - Chinese Pear

20 Seeds

Pyrus Pyrifolia, commonly known as the Chinese or Asian Pear, is a deciduous Tree native to China, Japan, and Korea, growing to 10 m in height. Generally in flower early to mid spring around April.

Prefers a well drained loam based soil in full sun, but can tolerate many soil types as long as they are fertile. Grown in light shade will inhibit fruit production.

The fruit tends to be quite large and fragrant, with a crisp texture typical of apples, rather than the softer European varieties of Pear.

Stored seed is recommended to be given a cold stratification period of 1 to 2 months at around freezing, this will help germination rates.

Germination temperatures of over 20°C will cause seeds to enter another dormancy.

Full Hardy to -15°C and under.




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