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Ephedra Viridis 20 Seeds - Green Mormon Tea

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Ephedra Viridis 20 Seeds - Green Mormon Tea <br/><br/> Ephedra Viridis, is a native to western states of the USA, and is an erect Shrub, from 50 cm to m tall.<br/><br/> These shrubs consist of many upright green stems, often yellowing with age, Stems produce small flowers along the stems when mature.<br/><br/> Very tollerant of drought, Ephedra plants are an ideal addition to a xeriscape garden.<br/><br/> Medicianlly used by native Americans as a cough misture, green stems can be brewed into a tasty tea.<br/><br/> A natural source of Ephedrine <br/><br/> Fully hardy to -15C




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