Datura Stramonium - 100 Seeds - Jimson Weed Thorn Apple - Bit Garden (@bitgardener)

Datura Stramonium - 100 Seeds - Jimson Weed Thorn Apple

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Datura Stramonium<br/>Jimson Weed - Thorn Apple<br/><br/>100 Seeds<br/><br/>Datura Stramonium is an erect annual, <br/>forming a bush up to 1–1.5 m tall. <br/><br/>The leaves are soft, irregularly undulate, and toothed. <br/>The fragrant flowers are trumpet-shaped, white<br/> to creamy or violet, around 8 cm long and <br/>flowers consistantly throughout the  summer months. <br/><br/>The egg-shaped seed capsule is usually <br/>covered with spines giving its common <br/>name of Thorn Apple.