Yucca Brevifolia - 10 Seeds - Joshua Tree - Bit Garden (@bitgardener)

Yucca Brevifolia - 10 Seeds - Joshua Tree

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Yucca Brevifolia - Joshua Tree <br/><br/> 10 Seeds <br/><br/> This unusual and well known Yucca is native to the South Western states of North America can grow to between 5 and 20m tall but is a slow grower, it will gain around 10cm in height each year, and can live for hundreds of years with an average life span of around 150 years! <br/><br/> Has many branches with rosettes of linear 15-30cm leaves at the branch tips. <br/><br/> Produces dense panicles of light green flowers, individual flowers are around 3-5cm wide. <br/><br/> Can be hardy down to -10°C if left dry.




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