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Cacti and Succulent Mixture - 1000 Seeds

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Cacti and Succulent Seeds Mixture

1000 Seeds

This is an AMAZING mix of Cacti and succulent plant seeds, taken from HUNDREDS of species of cacti and a huge range of succulent plants, including Mesembryanthemums, Aloes, Pachypodiums, and many others.

 No 2 packs will have the same assortment of species.

 All will grow in the same soil type, a well drained loam based compost with sands and grit added or a standard cacti compost, once growing, water when soil is dry in the summer growing season, and reduce watering to a minimum during the dormant winter season, and keep above 5\'b0C (though some species will take lower - take care with the mixed species!)

 A great pack to start your interest in these fantastic plants, or just boost the numbers of your collection!!<br/>