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United States: Shipping costs 0.006BTC for the first apparel item and 0.003BTC for each additional apparel item.

International: Shipping costs 0.02BTC for the first apparel item and 0.006BTC for each additional apparel item.

Order Guidelines

After placing the order, please provide us by message the following information.

Choose the colors:

  • White
  • Light Steel
  • Denim Blue
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Pale Pink
  • Gold
  • Purple

Choose the sizes:

Size: Length - Sleve - Width S: 71cm - 20cm - 45cm M: 73cm - 21cm - 50cm L: 76cm - 21cm - 55cm XL: 78cm - 22cm - 60cm 2XL*: 83cm - 24cm - 66cm 3XL*: 86cm - 25cm - 71cm 4XL*: 88cm - 27cm - 76cm 5XL*: 91cm - 28cm - 81cm

* Add 0.003BTC per item.

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Less than 24hs.
International delivery delayInternational delivery delay : 7 - 15 Business Days
Domestic delivery delayDomestic delivery delay 4 - 7 Business Days

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