Golden Immortalitas, 2015 - AJ Fosik

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Golden Immortalitas, 2015 - AJ Fosik

Wood, paint and nails.

  • 27 x 23.5 x 2 inches
  • 68.58 x 59.69 x 5.08 cm

Edition of 10

About the artist:

AJ Fosik creates intricate, vividly colored three-dimensional pieces that reference folk art, taxidermy, and cultural ritual. Fosik’s wall pieces and freestanding sculptures of anthropomorphized animals are carefully crafted from hundreds of pieces of wood that he cuts and paints individually by hand. Once the basic forms are complete, he adds threatening teeth, claws, and eyes to give the objects an intimidating presence. Totems and fetishes, as well as the “random, chaotic and arbitrary nature of existence,” fascinate Fosik.