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Hardware Bitcoin Price Ticker features a 1" OLED display which shows the current Bitcoin price. Place it on your desk, or next to your bed and never miss those price swings again.

When initially powered on the ticker sets up a wifi access point that can be connected to using your phone or laptop. This allows you to tell the ticker the SSID and password for the wifi network that will provide internet access for the device. Once set these details are remembered.

A companion mobile phone application will allow you to set the currency and update frequency.

The case is made from Ebony, Mahogany and rosewood. 

Feature List:

  • Ebony front with Rosewood sides.

  • 128*64 OLED screen with brass or copper surround.

  • WiFi connectivity.

  • Powered via a USB port.

  • Smartphone application for device configuration.


The apllication allows you to configure the device with the following options:

1. Display of the current bitcoin price.

  • Coindesk USD

  • Coindesk EUR

  • Coindesk GBP

  • Houbi CNY

  • Okcoin CNY

  • Bitfinex USD

  • Bitfinex ETH

  • Bitfinex LTC

2. Set the rate at which the price is updated in seconds.

3. Set upper and lower price alarm points and enable or disable the alarm.

4. Reset function which activates a captive portal to set/change the wireless SSID/Password.

For those interested in programming, the ESP8266 microcontroller in the case can be reprogrammed easilly by connecting to a USB port and using the Arduino IDE with ESP8266 addons. The source code and help with this is available upon request.

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Mubiz is not yet open in Royaume-Uni.




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