The Weeknd - Trilogy - Vinyl (6x LP) - Limited Edition #263/500

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This is a very limited edition release of The Weeknd's 3-album "Trilogy".

This is a hand-numbered set - only 500 ever made - this particular set being #263/500.

Set is new in plastic and in mint condition.

Set contains:

- 6 vinyl

- 3 art printed photos 30cm x 30cm

- gatefold sleeves with die-cut hole inside, no letters or catalog on spine

- innersleeves are in tracing paper with die-cut hole on one side and credits for songs printed on the otherside.

This set does NOT come with the hand-signed lithography, but I do have one of those and would be happy to barter for it. It is, however, currently framed above my desk - so you'll have ot message me about it.

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