Somnoroase Pasarele - CO (Cassette)

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Somnoroase Pasarele - CO

A uniquely weird and outstanding experimental electronica cassette. Each cassette is unique: Three versions of tape fold-out. Five different sticker versions A and B. Combined give 3 x 5 x 5 = 75 unique variants. Original artwork by Gili Mocanu.


Somnoroase Pasarele is Gili Mocanu and Elena Album, two visual artists who live and work between Constanta and Bucharest in Romania. Their second album on Baba Vanga - CO is relentless and gentle, subdued and buoyant at the same time. 

Following on their 2013 debut ABECD, the so-called aleatoric techno of Somnoroase defies categorisation – techno, post-punk, experimental electronics or noise would be too restrictive and inadequate as labels. Their music is an enigma, and it doesn't strive for understanding. 1 x 3 x 5 x 5: In a hall of mirrors, Somnoroase's music – wrapped in a layer of impenetrability and urgency – is a mirage, it seduces and pushes away at the same time, it is close, but far. It's within a hand's reach, but when you grab it, it slips out of your hand before you even think about it. It marches on, and lingers the next minute, a tiger and a cat in one body. In line with combinatorics, this sophomore selection of Somnoroases output comes packaged in a mathematically singular shape. Released January 31, 2016.

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