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SBC Geek
Single-board Computers and Accessories for your Projects.
Premium raw apiculture products from Portugal ** Raw Honey, Comb Honey, Beeswax, Propolis and Bee Bread ** Worlwide shipping
More than a shop, it is a celebration of the versatility of the trees that grow around us. A cornucopia of wooden products.
Bitcoin Not Bombs
Free The Market, Free The World!
Goldfinger - The man with the midas touch!\n\nI am an absolute Gold/Silver, Bitcoin and free trade enthusiast and Cypherpunk from Germany.\n\nLove OpenBazaar!
Complete Financial
Complete Financial is a Tax and Financial Services firm based in San Francisco. We prepare taxe for individuals and businesses. Notary Service is also offered.
classic gaming
A bookstore selling selected crypto-currency books by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.\n\nNote: For now, we sell only the paperback and ship only to the US.
Frida Kabo - Possibility Explorer
Software developer, interested in JavaScript and Web technologies
I'm Mitchełł (;u=113670), a staff member at Bitcointalk and an official seller of Silver Wallets.
Hosting your OpenBazaar store so it's online 24/7, on your own private server in the cloud.
Email Verifier
Coupons for mailing list cleaning with
Print It!
3D Printing is so much more than printing tiny little figures. Once you realize it, you can't stop thinking about improving thousands of details in your life.
China Direct
Great products!\n\nShipped direct from China to your doorstep!\n\nGive us a try!
Pepper Palace
All that matters in a peppers world!
Bitcoin and FOSS enthusiast. I make things.
Heliopay Ltd
Bitcoin ATM's and Merchandise\nBitcoin Collectibles and themed goods
OB Jewellery
Selling Fashion Jewellery and more...
La Tiendita de Luca
Physical Bitcoins and Bitcoin Goods
Teri's Angels. Angel The Guardian. I Love Freedom.
Embroidered Patches Store. I can create any custom embroidered patches you need.
Rab Fulton
Craftsman based in Scotland
Saj's Shop
Quality shoes from France\nBTC adress : 187QkFciJBB4jMQiCkGafw66JJhe1G2e1n
Tygg's Seedery
seed is life
Reversing factory
Vizique Boutique
Mad creator's garage
I make stuff, normally miniatures or sculptures. This is my private collection for sale.
Refur's Bazaar
Refur's - Bazaar \nEverything and Beyond ;)
Pandora Herbals
We grow and sell rare botanical products. All herbs and seeds come directly from our organic garden, where we use no pesticides and only feed organic fertilizer
TMC fostering intelligence
Clinical Hypnotherapist
0011 s.r.o.
We operate the 1st bitcoin ATM in Europe ( in Bratislava, Slovakia. In partnership with DIC we connect you to the world diamond markets.
Bit Garden
Seeds for you home and garden!
I don't like ebay, but open source! Vendor and Moderator (Deutsch / english)
Enjoy Barcelona
Spanish bitcurious guy, enter my bazaar.
Free Trade Bulgaria
We are a small Organic Farm, we produce 100% natural bio products, like bee honey, herbs, mushrooms, vegitables and fruits. No artificial fertilizers/flavours!
Deafboy's shop
Scrap yard for unneeded electronics.
""AZ Wardrobe""
Exchanging nice clothes for Bitcoin
ByKvH Store
Richard Ulrich
Paragliding Tandem Flights in beautyfull central Switzerland
All your favourite Thai products in one space
Bazaar Sale
selling old video games and other random things.
Buy and sell things I love
Arne Bolen
English speaking OpenBazaar Moderator.
Handcrafted leather accessories.
Edge Security Platform and Bitcoin Wallet
Demo Ski Shop
This shop is for demo purposes!
Natural Herbs, Cosmetics & Spices directly from the Greek Mountains. All our products are safe and natural, free of harsh chemicals and animal bi-products.
Seller of Bitcoin Full Nodes since the beta of OpenBazaar, our store is now also focused on selling 100 trilion Zimbabwe dollars.
Stephen Gornick
Stephen Gornick, Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Enthusiast
Boutique for unique handmade children's fashion and accessories.
Owen Gunden
""We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."" - Mandela
It's much more fun to sell here than on eBay
Trade free.
High Quality Ingress Inventory Shop
China Brand Stock & Design Store
Graphics, earnings, cryptocurrency
Hi, I m a vaper. I run the streets and search the market so that you don t have to.
Harpreet Singh
Selling Gift Cards for Bitcoin
Home of the best ""Rare Pepe's""
Open Cube
IT Consultation, Systems/Network Administration, Troubleshooting
P Cube Services
We are your outsourced IT department that keeps your computers, smart devices running and your data secure.
Technology passionate
Little Dot Amplifiers
Boutique audiophile amplifier builder
Welcome!\n You are entering to carbon carvig paradise. Enjoy your stay here while browsing on the stunning carbon carving with an affordable price!\n
Printing & Graphics
Design / Print / Promo / Web / You won’t believe some of the things we can do!
Wp Website Store
You can buy readymade ONLINE BUSINESSES here, that is installed, setup and all configured for you and also shown how you can manage and edit it yourself.
We sell world's best medicine throughout the world
Building roads without permission.\nThis store is hosted by Agorist Hosting
sheila tienda
Mi Tienda es xupy way!
The Bitcoin Store
We sell bitcoin swag, art, and hardware for crypto enthusiasts
Chinese Products Express
Chinese products express!\nGive us a try, we can deliver you not only products!\nAnd we provide Chinese IT develop services(Android iOS app website).
Brazil Direct
Sou um empreendedor brasileiro tentando vencer na vida, apesar de todas as dificuldades que nossa economia nos impõe.
Just a person who loves technology, games, and crypto.
We are a first generation Bitcoin startup based in Finland. Our company was launched in 2012. The key strength of Denarium Bitcoin is affordability. Our coins are gift items anyone can afford to give to friends and family.
Stuff. You like stuff, right?
Baba Vanga Records
An independent artist-run experimental electronic music label from Prague.
Tiki Dragon
Fine, and not so fine, interesting things.
Soldier Lawyer
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Best Honey on Earth
Best Honey on Earth made with love by French bees.
Sin Frontera Rock
Traslados a recitales desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Contemporary Freedom
Pushing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and free trading. OpenBazaar promoter. Art gallery for bitcoin.
Walter Gmelch e. K.
More Awesome Stuff Coming Soon!
Mario Dian
Free moderation for a limited time.
Un todoasien dichital, asi venc tot lo que tinc per casa que no vuic.
Crypto Collectibles
Blockchains Local Comic Shop
International marketing and import/export since 2007. Openbazaar 24/7. Incorporated in Estonia, trading worldwide.
Michele Spagnuolo
Information Security Engineer at Google. Wrote BitIodine. Broke the Internet with Rosetta Flash.
Bitcoin gadgets, bitcoin miners and more.
Our Sacred Garden
Dragibus Magazine
Dragibus is a quarterly print publication on the botany, cultivation, history, and usage of medicinal and entheogenic plants.