I don't like ebay, but open source! Vendor and Moderator (Deutsch / english)
Premium raw apiculture products from Portugal ** Raw Honey, Comb Honey, Beeswax, Propolis and Bee Bread ** Worlwide shipping
Ray Brown
Media Producer, Musician, Entreprenuer.
Bitcoin Not Bombs
Free The Market, Free The World!
Michele Spagnuolo
Information Security Engineer at Google. Wrote BitIodine. Broke the Internet with Rosetta Flash.
Michele Spagnuolo
Information Security Engineer at Google. Wrote BitIodine. Broke the Internet with Rosetta Flash.
Software developer, interested in JavaScript and Web technologies
classic gaming
Mad creator's garage
I make stuff, normally miniatures or sculptures. This is my private collection for sale.
Saj's Shop
Quality shoes from France\nBTC adress : 187QkFciJBB4jMQiCkGafw66JJhe1G2e1n
Buy cheap tobacco on OpenBazaar!
Pandora Herbals
We grow and sell rare botanical products. All herbs and seeds come directly from our organic garden, where we use no pesticides and only feed organic fertilizer
Tygg's Seedery
seed is life
Natural Herbs, Cosmetics & Spices directly from the Greek Mountains. All our products are safe and natural, free of harsh chemicals and animal bi-products.
Richard Ulrich
Paragliding Tandem Flights in beautyfull central Switzerland
ibazaar (online 24/7)
Welcome, here is the first decentralized shop in France !\n\n---\n\nBienvenue sur la 1ere boutique décentralisée de France !
Seller of Bitcoin Full Nodes since the beta of OpenBazaar, our store is now also focused on selling 100 trilion Zimbabwe dollars.
Buy and sell things I love
Arne Bolen
English speaking OpenBazaar Moderator.
Home of the best ""Rare Pepe's""
Baba Vanga Records
An independent artist-run experimental electronic music label from Prague.
East Coast Traders
Based in NJ, we sell high quality items of clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, home decor, and household items. They are either new or like new.
Goldfinger - The man with the midas touch!\n\nI am an absolute Gold/Silver, Bitcoin and free trade enthusiast and Cypherpunk from Germany.\n\nLove OpenBazaar!
Tienda Oficial en OpenBazaar de BTCWOMAN, una chica bitcoiner. Podrás adquirir artículos y servicios exclusivos para la difusión de bitcoin y criptomonedas.
Agorist Hosting
We provide a secure hosting environment with bi-continental redundancy to ensure a censorship and cyber-violence free work space. #bitcoin accepted here.
Walter Gmelch e. K.
More Awesome Stuff Coming Soon!
Troy's Store
I sell books and other various items.
XRP for sale
Passionate about promoting Bitcoin's use and exploring it's world changing potential through innovative ideas like OpenBazaar.
Building roads without permission.\nThis store is hosted by Agorist Hosting