Mitchell (@bitcoinmitchell)
Mitchell (@bitcoinmitchell)


I'm Mitchełł (;u=113670), a staff member at Bitcointalk and an official seller of Silver Wallets.
Updated 21/09/2016
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Hi there,

I'm Mitchełł and I like coins, a lot. As an official seller of Silver Wallets I'll be selling some coins for them on OpenBazaar. New items will follow soon!

My cryptocurrency collection:


Online accounts

This is a list of my Bitcoin-related online aliases.

Bitcointalk: Mitchełł (;u=113670;sa=summary)<br> Twitter: BitcoinMitchell (<br> OneName: bitcoinmitchell (<br> KeyBase: deepspace (<br> BitRated: Mitchell (



Moderation Policy

Need to know

If you want me to handle a dispute involving Digital items, please ensure that proof of transfer is possible. I expect any party I deal with to be capable of expressing themself in English. If I do not respond, please contact me at ""

Payment Release

One of the biggest fears for sellers is that buyers will forget to release payment upon delivery. The intent for this policy is to recognize when that is the case as quickly as possible and then release payment to the seller.

Once a payment release dispute becomes active, the buyer will have 2 days to respond before the payment is released to seller. For physical goods, it is highly recommended that you include the tracking number as part of the transaction (when marking the item shipped).

The buyer may respond at any time before payment release and request more time or take part in the dispute process.



In the case of a dispute, both sides will present their evidence. Reasonable effort will be made towards a mutually agreed resolution.

If no resolution can be agreed upon then the evidence will be weighed and a decision will be made. If it is not clear whom the rightful party is then funds will be split based on the assessment of the moderator.



Unless otherwise stated, failing to respond for 3 days during an active dispute will result in forfeiture of the dispute.



Moderation will be refused for any transaction prohibited by the regional laws of any party. In cases of refusal, it will be left to the buyer and seller to resolve the dispute. Moderator is located in The Netherlands.