Mario Dian (@mariodian)
Mario Dian (@mariodian)

Mario Dian

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Updated 10/05/2017
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Hi I'm a Libertarian, Bitcoin Enthusiast and Travel Hacker. I'm a huge fan of OpenBazaar and I contribute to the OpenBazaar-Client in my spare time (


I'm here to support the idea of the free market, because all transactions should be voluntary!

Moderation services

I'm available for moderation. My services are currently FREE until I gain reputation and trust. You can check my fb/website/keybase/onename/bitrated information to get a better idea of who I am.


Feel free to give me a feedback on my Bitrated profile.

Terms and conditions

By requesting my moderation services you agree with following terms and conditions (


In case of raising moderation fees after you've chosen me as a moderator you will not be charged this new fee.


Check the "Privacy policy" section below to verify I'm who I'm claiming to be.

Privacy policy

If you want to e-mail me please encrypt your message with my public key. You can get it here:

Verify that Mario Dian owns this OpenBazaar ID

1) Download the signature from my website: (1)

2) Make sure you've imported my public key (the one you got from

3) Verify my signature and make sure the decrypted message matches the following (2):<br/><br/> Verifying that Mario Dian ( is the owner of OpenBazaar ID c8e7bb0c015fbd0613841e52397523600d72c5b5



(1) Make sure the signature comes from the website found on my keybase profile here (if it doesn't matches consider this OB account being compromised)

(2) Make sure the ID in the decrypted message matches the OpenBazaar ID in the right hand side panel.