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April 25th 2016<br/>--------------------<br/>We are working hard to get more items into our OB Shop. If you can't find the watch you are looking for please contact us and you will receive a extra 10% discount!


About us

This is RepAAA and we are here to provide you exactly this... Top-notch replica watches for the best price.<br/> You won't find BS here. High quality automatic watches only which behave and feel exactly like the genuine counterpart. One thing is promised, you will never be dissatisfied with the quality of any of our watches.<br/><br/> To make sure you are talking with the real RepAAA here you can send us a encrypted message. My PGP key:


Shipping & Delivery

How much does shipping cost?<br/> We offer a $25 Flat Rate Express Shipping option for all our customers.<br/><br/> Which shipping company do you use?<br/> It depends on the delivery country and we will of course choose the safest and fastest available service for you.<br/><br/> How long will it be before I receive my order?<br/> Depending on your location and the Express Company we use, parcels usually need about 3 to 10 business days to arrive. Please note, we will need additional 1 to 3 business days to process your order and hand it over to the delivery service. If we face a delay longer than expected we will notify you or offer you options to minimize the waiting time.<br/><br/> Is my package trackable?<br/> Yes, a tracking number will be available.<br/><br/> Do I have to sign for the package?<br/> Yes, every International Express parcel need a proof of delivery.<br/><br/> Do you ship to PO boxes?<br/> Yes we do.<br/><br/>----<br/><br/> It is not possible to send to following countries:<br/> - Uruguay<br/><br/> Following countries subject to restrictions:<br/> - Switzerland (no boxes)<br/> - Germany (no boxes)<br/> - Austria (no boxes)<br/> - Lithuania (delivery time about 4 weeks)<br/> - Israel (delivery time about 4 weeks)<br/>