Russian Heirloom Seeds (@russianheirloomseeds)
Under the name "Heirloom seeds" we understand the organic garden vegetable, herb or flower non gmo seeds produced by the people developing Russian Kin's domains (Family estates). These kind of seeds are found in remote rural areas of Russia where they have been grown and carefully collected by "babushkas" on one place for more than 20 years. Most of these seeds are old, proven over the years cultivars, traditional Russian sorts, that surely has no GMO. Growing natural organic food from these seeds you help yourself and your family to restore health and also contribute to conservation and sustainable biodiversity of nature. Buying these seeds you will also help Kin's settlers to earn money for living and developing their Family estates. (The importance and significance of Family estates for well-being of the Earth is described in The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series.)