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100% certified, 100%organic, 100%natural, 100%bio, 100%honey

Its good for you, its healthy and its cheap!

This is 100% natural bee honey. Bees are located in remote village in the mountains, they harvest in our garden and the local meadows and forests. All our products are BIO certified, our region is under NATURA 2000 ECO law protection for preserving ecologically clean systems and territories. We sell also some interesting stuff from our neighbours

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Soon we will be able to sell other bee products, our local herbs, dried forest fruits and mushrooms.

Here a list with just some of the herbs and plants, that grow nearby and during the seasson are being harvested from our bees, of course there are many more some cultivated, some grow in the wild.

1.Bigroot Geranium-Geranium macrorrhizum 2.Blackberry-Rubus fruticosa 3.Blueberry-Vaccinium myrtillus 4.Broad-leaved Plantain-Plantago major 5.Chamomile-Chamomilla recutita 6.Chickweed-Stellaria media 7.Coltsfoot-Tussilago farfara 8.Dandelion-Taraxacum officinale 9.Dwarf Elder-Sambucus ebuli 10.Elder-Sambucus nigra 11.Eyebright-Euphrasia sp. 12.Fiels Horsetail-Equisetum arvense 13.Hawthorn-Crataegus monogyna 14.Hazel-Corylus avellanae 15.Juniper-Juniperus communis 16.Lemon Balm-Melissa officinalis 17.Linden-Tilia agentea 18.Mallow-Malva silvestris 19.Nettle-Urtica dioica 20.Raspberry-Rubus idaeus 21.Restharrow-Ononis vernalis 22.Ribwort Plantain-Plantago lanceolata 23.Rose Hip-Rosa canina 24.St.John’s Wort-Hypericum perforatum 25. Small-leaved Linden-Tilia cordata  26.Sumac-Cotinus coggygria 27.Tansy-Tanacetum vulgare 28.Thyme-Thymus sp. 29.Tormentil-Potentilla erecta 30.Weeping Birch-Betula pendula 31.White Willow-Salix alba 32.Woodland Strawberry-Fragaria vesca 33.Yarrow-Achillea millefolium 34.Anise-Pimpinella anisum 35.Apples-Malus sativa 36.Barley-Hordeum vulgare 37.Crane’s bill (Geranium)-Geranium macrorrhizum 38.Fennel-Foeniculum officinale 39.Lavender-Lavandula angustifolia 40.Lemon balm-Melissa officinalis 41.Marigold-Calendula officinalis 42.Marshmallow-Althaea officinalis 43.Mint (apple)-Mentha suaveolens 44.Mint (bergamote)-Mentha aquatica 45.Mint (orange)-Mentha piperita citrata cv.46.Oats-Avena sativa 47.Peppermint-Mentha piperita 48.Pumpkin-Cucurbita maxima 49.Sunflower-Helianthus annuus 50.Valerian-Valeriana officinalis 51.Wheat-Triticum vulgare