Energy Boosters
We make and sell CaffeinAll™, the world's only non-bitter caffeine. 


Our brand, Caffex, and company, HIP Brands, have been in business for over 25 years. We are involved in food research and development as Gastroplex ( and e-publishing / web design as Newmedia Publishing ( How is that pertinent?

Food business used to be slow and, truth be told, relatively boring. We know -- all three of us have been in it for a long time. But two of us also caught the Internet and now the Bitcoin and Ethereum "bug"; got degrees in IT to go with it; and the expertise to rapidly develop, implement, update, and upgrade systems, processes, and products - an absolute necessity to flourish in today’s global economy.


Now, with the introduction of our product and the Caffex brand, we offering CaffeinAll™ to you on OpenBazaar. 

Welcome to our store - and see you often!